Glitched Pokemon from safari server

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I caught a monferno and an onyx from the safari server and transferred them to the normal server. I set them up to breed in their respective ranch blocks, the first egg i got from my monferno hatched into a clone that cannot leave my party. I traded it to my friend he was also unable to do anything with this glitched pokemon. My onyx is no longer on my ranch block, but it is in my pc and is locked as if it would be on the ranch block. If you could let me know how to solve this it would be awesome. Thanks

I tried breaking and replacing the ranch block, the onyx has now turned into a torchic. The glitched monferno also override the one crazy pete edited into my inventory.

I can try to /unlock you. Feel free to message me or another staff member when you see us online. \

P.S. I noticed you said that you breed the Pokemon with specific blocks (habitats) just wanted to let you know that those are disabled and not needed on the server. You can breed Pokemon in any location around any blocks.